Friday, September 26, 2014

New Faces / The Mercy House Family

We, at Mercy House, want to thank our donors and prayer supporters from the bottom of our hearts.
It is YOUR praying and giving that are allowing us to grow and welcome more children from the street into our
center.  Watching the children grow, blossom and find their joy after the hardships of hunger, abuse and rejection is a high calling and an honor we do not take for granted.

And we could not do any of it without faithful support.

So we thank you.

If you have been considering becoming a supporter of Mercy House, this would be a great time. Our current facility is being sold and we need to find a new "home".  Please pray that God will show us exactly where to relocate and that it would be an easy time for the children.  They have had so much upheaval in their lives that we want to be careful that our move to a new facility does not shake their trust in our commitment to them.

May God bless you richly as you help us care for "the least of these". . MATTHEW 25:40

To give to the work of Mercy House, log on to AMERICAN HELPER   and find us under "causes".   You can donate securely online through paypal.  99% of your tax-deductible giving comes DIRECTLY to us in the field!  If you prefer to mail a tax-deductible donation, you can send it to:

c/o Wenzel
13565 Henna Avenue
Apple Valley, MN 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Welcome to Mercy House

Welcome!  Mercy House of The Philippines is a shelter for street children from the province of Cavite. We are located about 30 miles south of Manila, the nation's capital.
The children in our care are referred to us by the Department of Social Welfare and Development and are either legally abandoned by their families or in the process of becoming such.  The children we serve have nowhere to go.  They languished in a short-term government shelter or lived on the streets as homeless children begging, stealing, foraging through trash for food or recyclable items to sell.  They had no hope and they had no future. 
Because of the great mercy that Jesus Christ has had on us, we are extending mercy to children from the streets.  Because He chose us, we choose them.   Because He ascribed great worth and value to us while we were completely lost and without hope, we offer hope to the children in our care.  It is our prayer that, by serving the children in this way, they will come to know Christ and live lives that point others to Him.  It's why we exist.
We have very young children in our care. Children you would assume would never "make it" on the streets. These children tend to be the victims of negligence.  In some cases, their own parents become too sick, mentally or physically, to care for them and relatives nearby are simply too poor to take on the responsibility of "another mouth to feed".   Poverty causes families to have to make hard choices.  And sometimes cruel ones.
This sweet little preschooler was found wandering the streets many months ago.  His mother has been found but she can not care for him.

This lovely girl is full of energy and sunshine.  She was the sole caretaker of a disabled brother until a concerned citizen called DSWD and she was given relief from her situation. 

We are honored to be the ones to step in and help the kids in our care learn how to be "just kids".  They have carried heavy burdens. Most have had to knock on the doors of neighbors and ask for food regularly.  Some have had to do more dangerous, soul-rending things to survive.  One of our kids was addicted to drugs by the time he was 7, a cheap high called "rugby" that is sniffed from a plastic bag and shared among street children.
physical fitness is a great way for our Mercy House kids to cope with excess energy!

When you give to Mercy House, you are providing a child from the streets with the following:
A safe place to live, free from the victimization of the streets
An education through home tutoring and attendance at public school
Daily food, vitamins and medication
A place to develop his/her character
The chance to reunify with his/her family of origin whenever possible, or to be adopted if legally abandoned
Most importantly, an introduction to their Heavenly Father and their great value in Him!

To get more information on the work going on at Mercy House or how you can come serve with us side by side, you can "like" us on facebook at Mercy House of The Philippines.
You can also follow our family and ministry at our more active blog:
To give to the work of Mercy House, log on to and find us under "causes".  99% of your donation comes directly to us here in the field and is tax deductible.

Thank you for caring about the precious street children of The Philippines.